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Professional Chimney Sweeps

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Your house has many regular maintenance tasks that need attention, but it’s easy to ignore the venting system for your fireplace because it’s hidden in the wall. As you burn wood, residue from combustion can collect in your chimney’s lining until it’s so clogged that noxious fumes could possibly back up, or the heat could even cause the creosote to ignite, which creates a fire that could damage your home. At The Cinder Box, we’ve been a trusted provider of chimney sweep services to area residents for years, and we can make sure that you’re ready to go when the winter months arrive.

Why Regular Cleaning Is Important

For heavy fireplace users, chimney cleaning is actually recommended twice per year, as the combination of accumulated dirt, creosote and allergens can cause a variety of health hazards like carbon monoxide exposure, house fires and respiratory distress. Even if catastrophic events don’t happen, the buildup in the flue is actually acidic, which means that it could eat away at your chimney’s lining over time. By adhering to a regular service regimen, you can avoid more expensive services like relining or repair of structural damage.

Trust Our Certified Technicians

The warmer months are the perfect time to schedule chimney sweep service, so contact The Cinder Box for service throughout Indianapolis and surrounding commmunities before appointments start filling up. You rely on your fireplace to provide warmth and ambiance on a chilly winter night, which is why you want to ensure a safe experience with proper ventilation whenever you light up a fire. To schedule an appointment with one of our certified sweeps, or to hear about our other services like dryer vent cleaning, give us a call today at 317-442-8440.

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