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Chimney Crown Replacement and Repair

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You might refer to your home as your castle, but did you know that many homes actually wear crowns? All chimneys are crowned with a slab of concrete that sits just below the cap, and it serves the sole purpose of keeping rainwater and other moisture from leaking into the building through the flue. When this important piece isn’t working properly, you might notice some telltale signs of water damage like crumbling masonry, wood rot, or damage to your flue and other fireplace components. At The Cinder Box, we specialize in performing chimney crown repair , and our certified technicians have what it takes to keep you dry through all of Mother Nature’s abuse.

Protect Your Home From Unwanted Water Damage

While repairs are usually the preferred course of action, there may be some instances when chimney crown replacement is the only sensible step. To do this, our technicians will remove the original cement and clean the bricks off so they bond properly to the new slab once it’s installed. We install a new crown using forms with a 4" overhang to keep water from running down and absorbing into the masonry work on your chimney, and waterproof the concrete to give an extra layer of protection. When we’re finished, you’ll have protection from the elements that should last for years with regular maintenance.

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You’ve spent a lot on your home, so why allow costly water damage to compromise your investment? Turn to the experts at The Cinder Box for effective crown repair so you have an impermeable shield against rain, snow, ice and anything else that the weather can throw your way. To schedule an appointment for an evaluation, or to hear about chimney cap installation and other services, call us today at 317-442-8440.

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