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Routine Dryer Duct Cleaning

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The clothes dryer is an amazing invention that allows people to get dry clothing in a short amount of time instead of hanging everything outside on a line. We often take these hardworking appliances for granted, as years of use can lead to accumulated lint and clogged ductwork. At The Cinder Box, our skilled technicians have years of experience performing dryer vent cleaning, and we can make sure that your family’s laundry operation continues running smoothly.

Save Energy & Prevent Fires With Yearly Maintenance

Depending on the size of your family, it’s recommended that you arrange for dryer duct cleaning at least once per year, and there are several benefits. The most compelling reason to have this service done is the fire hazard that impacted lint creates inside your ductwork. Even if the problem isn’t bad enough to cause a fire, the excessive heat from bad ventilation could lead to premature wear and tear on your clothing, and longer drying sessions can also waste precious time as well as increase wear and tear on your machine. You could also be using much more energy than you need to dry a load of clothes because the appliance has to work harder to get the job done.

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If you’re a homeowner in the  Indianapolis or surrounding area, don’t let a clog in your dryer duct system cause a house fire or ruin your favorite outfits. Contact The Cinder Box to arrange for a thorough cleaning of your vents and avoid those high utility bills that come from an inefficient system. To schedule an appointment with one of our skilled technicians, or to arrange for a chimney inspection or other service, give us a call at 317-442-8440 today.

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