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Chimney Cap Installation


Your home’s flue serves an important function, as it provides an easy way for noxious exhaust fumes to escape your home and dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere. While this part of your house lets things out, what protection do you have to keep things like birds, insects and rainwater from getting in? At The Cinder Box, we’ve been providing maintenance and repair service to area homeowners for years, and we can arrange for new or replacement chimney cap installation to ensure that no unwanted creatures or substances enter through your home ventilation port. When we’re finished, the only thing that will enter your building through the flue will be Santa Claus, and he uses magic.

Install a Damper for Energy Savings

Your chimney is quite effective in helping exhaust fumes escape your home, but this comes with a side effect of also allowing your climate control energy to go to waste. To help keep your heated or cooled air from escaping when you aren’t burning wood, you can arrange for damper installation, which will put a metal door at the top of the flue that you can control via a lever or cable inside the fireplace. Without this important component, you might as well open a window for a few hours on a cold day. By keeping this closed when you don’t have a fire, you can realize some significant energy savings over the course of a year.

Protect Your Home and Wallet

If you need chimney repair or installation of a cap or flue for your home, turn to the certified technicians at The Cinder Box for quality service. Between blockages from nesting creatures and water damage from intruding rainwater, the consequences of improperly capped chimneys can add up to quite a few expensive repairs. To learn about all of our various chimney products and fireplace supplies, or to schedule an evaluation of your existing installation, contact us to set up an appointment at 317-442-8440 today.

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