Get The Fireplace You Want With A Fireplace Facelift Or Changeout

When your fireplace becomes more of an eye sore and a wasteful, inefficient, and inconvenient appliance than a source of enjoyment, warmth, and beauty, call on CinderBox Chimney Services. Our certified, professional, and knowledgeable fireplace facelift and changeout experts can meet with you to discuss your home heating needs and design aesthetic, and together, we can determine the best course of action, whether that’s a facelift or a full changeout.

  • Fireplace Facelifts — If you’ve got a lean, mean heating machine and you wouldn’t change anything about your fireplace other than its unattractive appearance, a fireplace facelift may be the best course of action. During a facelift, we can:
    • remove smoke stains from the facing of your fireplace
    • repair cracks
    • replace brick or stone
    • personalize your firebox and fireplace back with herringbone tile or another stylish and trendy pattern or build an entirely new surround.

We can quickly and cost-effectively give your fireplace a fresh, new look that will enhance your space and provide a welcoming gathering space for both family and friends.

Stock photo of beautiful facelift fireplace.  Arched firebox with stacked stone surround and stone mantel.  Sofa on each side of a coffee table with coffee cup sitting on it.
  • Changeouts — If the performance of your fireplace is your real hangup, a changeout may be a better course of action. During a changeout, we can simply replace your fireplace, stove, or insert with a new, highly-efficient and attractive model from a top brand like Regency or Pacific Energy. Changeouts are great options for homeowners who like the look of their fireplace surround, but want a more efficient, cleaner-burning, more convenient fireplace or stove or desire to switch fuels.

You Shouldn’t Have To Live With An Unattractive And Unenjoyable Fireplace

Your fireplace should be a welcoming, inviting, and magical place to gather around on cold evenings and rainy days. If your fireplace is anything less than what you want it to be, call CinderBox Chimney Services at 317-442-8440 and ask us about our fireplace facelifts and changeouts. We can send a certified, courteous, and highly educated chimney and fireplace specialist to your home to discuss your options with you.

Our goal is to rekindle the love or help you find a new flame so you can quickly get back to enjoying your home and hearth the way they’re meant to be enjoyed. Call or use our online schedule request form to get started on your dream fireplace today!


We are chimney leak repair experts and are standing by to assist you with this chimney and fireplace repair. Don’t wait! Call us before the damage gets worse!