Keep The Home Fires Burning Safely & Efficiently With Routine Chimney Sweeping

Ah, the first cool night of the season. Whether your tradition is to make some spiced cider with the kids, curl up beneath a blanket with a good book, or sip some wine and watch a classic flick, everything’s better when you have an inviting fireplace or stove to warm you and your loved ones.

Here at CinderBox Chimney Services, we know how much a fireplace can enhance the home lives of our neighbors in Indianapolis, Avon, Lebanon, Fishers, and the neighboring communities, and our goal is to enhance the quality and performance of your fireplace so you can experience more enjoyment with fewer risks by the fireside.

That’s why we perform routine chimney sweeping services, during which we clean all of the fireplace, stove, and insert components and remove any deposits from the flue liner. We’ll make sure that any soot, buildup, or blockages that are present are removed so your fireplace, stove, or insert can work as efficiently and as safely as it can and should.

Our techs use specialized brushes and tools to safely clean your system and get it ready for the first fire of the season. But not all deposits can be brushed loose with tools. Glazed (or level 3) creosote is a flammable byproduct of combustion that can settle on flue walls and decrease the size of the passageway, and it’s virtually impossible to remove with simple tools. But because of its highly flammable and corrosive qualities, it can eat away at the flue liner and result in a chimney fire, so it must be removed.

If glazed creosote is a problem for your system, rest assured, we’ll get rid of it! We can use Poultice Creosote Remover (PCR) to chemically break down this tough deposit so it can be completely and effectively removed. Find out more about PCR and how it works.

We’ll Take Great Care Of Your Home & Keep It Clean —Guaranteed

When you call us to come out to your home, you’re expecting us to improve your home, not make it worse. We understand that, which is why we treat every home we enter with the utmost respect and guarantee mess-free service. We’ll lay down drop cloths, wear shoe covers, and set up high-powered vacuums to ensure that your home stays pristine from the start of the service to the moment we walk out the door.

Make sure your fireplace is as ready as you are for the first cool evening of the season — call CinderBox Chimney Services at 317-442-8440 or use our online appointment request form to schedule your chimney sweeping service today!


We provide NFPA 211 level 1 or 2 inspections according to your situation so you know you’re getting the best chimney services possible.