We Stop Chimney Leaks Fast In Indianapolis & Beyond

A chimney leak can cause a host of problems and lead to a long list of expensive and time-sensitive repairs — that’s why you have to act fast at the first sign of water! Where’s the water getting in and how can you stop it? Call CinderBox Chimney Services and we’ll take care of it.

When we’re called out to investigate a leak for our neighbors in Indianapolis or a surrounding community, we always check a few very likely entry points first, like the chimney crown and the masonry.

  • The crown is simply the cement or concrete slab that covers the chimney opening just below the chimney cap. This important component is one of the chimney’s only defenses against water intrusion, which is why it’s critical that it be properly constructed and in good condition. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.
  • The other main culprit is the masonry itself. Even though brick and mortar are strong and durable materials, water penetration and the freeze/thaw cycle that occurs as temperatures fluctuate can lead to cracks, spalling, and other types of deterioration that only make it easier for water to get in. The longer masonry damage goes unaddressed, the greater the water problem (and the water damage) will be.
Dirty chimney crown with pieces of mortar falling out between the bricks that can cause leaks.

Whatever is to blame for your chimney leak, you can count on the chimney leak resolution experts at CinderBox Chimney Services to take care of it for you. We specialize in crown repairs, crown rebuilds, and masonry repair and waterproofing, and we’re experts at identifying where water is getting in and what needs to be done to stop it. We know that with water, time is of the essence, so we act fast to put a stop to your leak and prevent future leaks from springing up.

Protect Your Investment — Call On CinderBox Chimney Services

You’ve spent a lot on your home and you invest a lot of time and money into keeping it in great condition. Why allow costly water damage to compromise your investment? Call on the chimney leak experts at CinderBox Chimney Services and we’ll get rid of your water problems fast. Call 317-442-8440 or use our online scheduling form to request an appointment today!

A chimney cap or lock-top damper is also important for keeping water out of your chimney — learn more here.


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