Shop The Best, Most Attractive & Longest-Lasting Chimney Caps & Dampers

Shopping for a new chimney cap or damper isn’t typically as attractive or as exciting as shopping for a new fireplace, stove, insert, or gas log set, but it should be! Both are incredibly important pieces of the chimney system and, when you choose from the best on the market (like our Gelco stainless steel or copper caps and Lock-Top energy saving dampers), you’ll find that, just like a new hearth appliance, they can enhance your home and bring a smile to your face. Here’s why:

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are your flue’s only protection against the elements. Whether you have a prefabricated chimney or a masonry chimney, the flue extends up past the crown or chase cover, meaning it’s open to any rain, snow, animals, or birds that have a desire to move in. When you have water or animals living in your chimney flue, you can expect damage, deterioration, and safety hazards, none of which you want. That’s why chimney caps are so important. These stainless steel or copper caps cover the flue top and keep safety hazards, blockages, and chimney leaks at bay, saving you time, money, and stress. They also carry a Lifetime Warranty! And since chimney caps come in a variety of decorative and discreet styles, your dream cap is out there whether you’re looking to make a statement or not. When we’re finished installing your cap, the only thing that will enter your building through the flue will be Santa Claus, and he uses magic.

Energy Top Dampers

Energy Top dampers are excellent multi-taskers that do the job of a throat damper and a chimney cap. The purpose of the damper is to open to allow the fumes and byproducts of your fire to safely exit the flue and home, and to close when the fireplace is not in use, in order to prevent your heated or cooled air from escaping. Traditional throat dampers were located in an area of the chimney system that saw a lot of heat corrosion, condensation, and creosote buildup. Plus, they offered a metal-on-metal seal, which isn’t airtight by any means. What this means is that they were prone to rust, damage, and corrosion, and often responsible for conditioned air loss, downdrafts, and higher utilities. Lock-Top dampers are different. These dampers rely on a rubberized gasket seal (which provides an airtight seal when the damper is closed and prevents downdrafts and conditioned air loss) and they’re located at the very top of the chimney flue. That means they work as a chimney cap as well as a damper. That’s double the protection! And since they carry a Lifetime Warranty, you’re guaranteed a lifetime of protection.

Save Money & Enjoy A More Watertight & Efficient Home

For most of us, there’s nothing more attractive than saving money without sacrificing value or quality, and with Gelco chimney caps and Lock-Top dampers, that’s exactly what you get. It’s time to get excited about shopping for a new chimney cap or damper!

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A new chase cover will not only look great but will provide more protection for your prefabricated chimney system. Come check out all the products we sell and install today.