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No matter how well-built your chimney and fireplace may be, maintenance and repairs are just a part of life. Whether you have a major water crisis on your hands or you just want to make sure your chimney and fireplace are in the best possible condition and ready for the first cold night of the season, The Cinder Box is the only company you need to call.

Stock photo of gloved hand laying brick for a chimney.  Mortar between bricks.
Stock photo of chimney flue that includes hard hat, level, gloves and blocks.
Stock photo of fireplace changeout.  Beautiful large wooden mantel the fire box surround has a unique stone and their is a box underneath in the middle of the heart to store wood.

We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding communities and work hard to keep the chimneys and fireplaces of our neighbors in peak condition, year in and year out. From troubleshooting and repairs to facelifts and installations, our team does it all. 

  • Gas Fireplace Repair — As low maintenance as they are, gas fireplaces require troubleshooting, cleaning, and repair just like anything else, and we can help. Whether you’re having a hard time keeping the pilot light going, you think you may have a leak, or you’re experiencing another problem with your gas fireplace, our National Fireplace Institute (NFI) certified gas techs can provide a fast, effective, and affordable solution. 
  • Tuckpointing —Are cracking, crumbling, receding mortar joints making your fireplace and chimney look old and grungy? Let us help! Our expert masons can pack fresh mortar into your masonry’s joints and take years off of your fireplace and chimney just like that. 
  • Chimney Relining —Is liner damage making your chimney system unsafe and unpleasant to use? Don’t put off repairs — let The Cinder Box take care of it for you. We use HeatShield and stainless steel liners to restore chimneys without liners and chimneys with liners that are damaged, and we guarantee quick, effective, and long-lasting results. 
  • Smoke Chamber Parging —If your smoke chamber is jagged, rough on the surface, or filled with cracks and holes, byproducts of combustion (including smoke and carbon monoxide) won’t have an easy and swift exit; instead, they could end up infiltrating your home and air supply. Is your smoke chamber in need of some repair so it can effectively do its job? Call The Cinder Box. We can parge it smooth and leave you with a smoke-tight surface that’s better insulated for a safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable fireside experience. 
  • Fireplace Facelifts & Changeouts —Is your fireplace out of date, poorly performing, or just not doing anything for your space anymore? Have you considered a fireplace facelift or changeout? With a fireplace facelift, we can give your fireplace a whole new look or just make it the best it can be — and with a changeout, we can replace an old, inefficient appliance with a newer, cleaner-burning, more efficient beauty that meets your heating needs. Get more from your fireplace with The Cinder Box.
  • Chimney Leak Repair — No chimney leak is a small problem because even the smallest leak can cause great damage — but we can help. We have swiftly resolved chimney leaks for dozens upon dozens of our neighbors in Indianapolis and beyond and we specialize in crown repair/replacement and masonry waterproofing. Whether the leak is large or small, we’ll take care of it and help you prevent leaks from springing up in the future. 

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Is your chimney and fireplace everything it can and should be? If not, give The Cinder Box a call at 317-442-8440 or use our online appointment request form to have your system inspected and repaired. We’re here to enhance your fireplace so your fireplace can enhance your home and life!