Pilgrim Fireplace Accessories — Everything You Need To Personalize Your Fireplace

For more than six decades, Pilgrim has been a household name and a brand known for crafting the highest quality fireplace accessories and providing true customer-focused service. From tool sets and screens to other fireplace enhancements and accessories, Pilgrim has everything you need to personalize your hearth. If quality and longevity is important to you, you’ll love what Pilgrim has to offer.

Stock photo of fireplace accessories.  Pot on swinging level, bucket with pine cones and scuttle with small logs.  The fireplace is screened and their are flowers to the left of the fireplace.
  • fireplace screens
  • tool sets
  • hearth centers
  • wood holders
  • wood storage
  • wood carts
  • hearth rugs
  • grates
  • ash buckets
  • andirons
  • bellows
  • fire pits
  • fireplace candelabras
  • roasting forks
  • lanterns

Looking to enhance and customize your hearth? Choose a quality product that will truly brighten your fireside experience, year after year. Choose Pilgrim.

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