Get Your Yearly Checkup With A Level 1 Or 2 Chimney Inspection

Much like our bodies, there’s a lot that goes on underneath the surface of our chimney and fireplace systems, and without the proper tools and techniques, it can be difficult to identify and address problems. For our bodies, we get annual physicals, but for our chimney systems, there are annual inspections.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend that all homeowners, regardless of what type of fireplace or stove they have, hire a certified and trained chimney professional to inspect the system each and every year in accordance with NFPA guidelines.

Have you scheduled your yearly inspection yet? Scheduling during the spring and summer months helps ensure you get prompt service so that, when temperatures drop, you’re not waiting in line to make sure your fireplace or stove is ready for the first fire of the season. So get your inspection on the calendar now! Call CinderBox Chimney Services and request to have an NFPA 211 level 1 or 2 inspection performed on your system:

  • NFPA 211 level 1 inspection — Think of a level 1 inspection as your routine doctor visit — you haven’t noticed any changes or problems, you just want to have a general overall health check. This is the minimum requirement for chimney systems and is ideal for chimneys that will continue to be used under the same conditions and with the same appliance as previous years. During a level 1 inspection, we’ll check all readily accessible portions of the chimney system (weather-permitting), check the installation, connections, and overall soundness of the chimney structure, and make sure the system is free of combustible deposits. There aren’t any specialized tools involved in a level 1 inspection, but we’ll look for anything that might signal a problem.
  • NFPA 211 level 2 inspection — A level 2 inspection is more like a doctor visit you schedule when you aren’t feeling well — you know something’s up but because you’ve experienced symptoms, you just don’t know exactly what lies at the root of the problem and what should be done about it. During a level 2 inspection, we’ll get a more thorough and comprehensive look at your system using our video scanning equipment. This equipment is snaked up into or down into the flue so we can check for any blockages, cracks, holes, deterioration, or damage that we wouldn’t be able to see by simply shining a flashlight up into the flue. It’s a good idea to schedule a level 2 inspection if you’ve relined, swapped out appliances, changed fuel types, moved into a new home, experienced a chimney fire, or noticed changes in the performance of your system.

Whichever level of inspection is appropriate for your situation, you can count on CinderBox’s team of certified professionals to provide expert care and give you a full report on our findings and suggestions. Chimney safety shouldn’t be guesswork — know your chimney system and its needs by scheduling an inspection today! Call 317-442-8440 or use our online appointment request form to get started!


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