For Beautiful & Historically Appropriate Chimney & Fireplace Restoration, Call On CinderBox Chimney Services

If your fireplace or chimney used to be a sight to behold, but now it’s just a ghost of its former self, it’s time to give CinderBox Chimney Services a call. Our team of Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)-certified chimney and fireplace restoration experts can help. Chimney and fireplace restoration can bring an old and outdated fireplace up to code, restore its appearance, and equip it to last for many more years to come. Is it high time your chimney system was given a little TLC?

Some of the main components of restoration include these services:

  • Firebox repairs and rebuilds — The firebox is the part of the fireplace that takes on the highest heat, fire after fire, which, as you can imagine, can be damaging over time. As part of your restoration, you may need to have some firebox panels replaced, mortar joints tuckpointed, cracks filled, or the entire firebox rebuilt. But no matter what type of firebox repairs you need, you can count on CinderBox Chimney Services to provide beautiful results that fit with the character and time period of your fireplace and home.
  • Chimney liners — In the early 1920s, flue liners became a requirement because of all the house fires and hazards linked to chimneys without liners. But if your chimney was built prior to the 1920s, it most likely lacks a liner. Without a chimney liner, your family is put at risk every time you use your chimney and fireplace, so part of restoration may require the installation of a chimney liner to bring your chimney system up to code.
  • Masonry repair and restoration — We all know brick, stone, and mortar are strong and durable materials — if they weren’t, we wouldn’t have historic chimneys and fireplaces at all. But damage can still occur over the years and leave our masonry chimneys and fireplaces weakened, deteriorating, and unattractive. That’s where restoration really makes a big difference. When you have a professional mason on the job, you can expect beautiful, historically accurate, and long-lasting repairs and restoration work that leaves your chimney and fireplace stronger and safer.

Our Clean & Tidy Techs Will Keep Your Home Mess-Free Throughout The Restoration Project

For many homeowners, the idea of a fireplace restoration is a little unnerving. You may worry about the restoration not aligning with the character of the fireplace and the results looking sloppy and historically inaccurate. But when you work with CinderBox Chimney Services, you can put those concerns to bed.

Our chimney and fireplace professionals have extensive knowledge of the history of fireplaces and chimneys and know the techniques, styles, and designs used in each time period and each location. We’re experienced and expertly trained and we’re confident we can provide you with the beautiful results you’re after. Learn more or request an appointment by calling 317-442-8440 or by reaching out to us through our online appointment request form.


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