Have you heard of a lock-top damper? It’s a type of damper that sits at the top of your chimney, rather than the throat, and many homeowners are making the switch due to its countless benefits. Learn more about all that these devices offer by reading below, then turn to us with any concerns or inquiries. We’d be happy to lend advice, answer your questions, and offer a helping hand with all of your chimney-related maintenance!Picture of chimneys

Money & Energy Savings

Because lock-top dampers seal at the top of your flue with a rubber gasket, you can bet that no cold air will get in when your chimney is not in use. Throat dampers have a metal on metal seal, which makes it easy for outdoor winds to seep in, and because they’re in the lower part of your chimney, these downdrafts really don’t need to travel far to get inside of your home.

When the freezing winds of winter arrive, the last thing you need is outdoor temperatures affecting the atmosphere of your home. This will force your heating system into overdrive, causing wear and tear and sending your energy bills through the roof. Save yourself the stress – ask our team about getting your lock-top damper installed ASAP!

Easier Fire-Starting Process

When your chimney is cold, lighting fires can present some challenges. The flue needs adequate time to warm up, otherwise the cold air from outside will push the smoke and fumes down and into your home, which is definitely not safe or ideal. With an energy-top damper in place, your chimney will stay warm and ready anytime you need to light a fire.

Less Debris In Your Flue

Lock-top dampers are also designed to keep your flue protected from animals and outside debris. They work alongside the chimney cap to keep birds, woodland critters, nesting materials, dirt, twigs, leaves, and more outside where they belong, ensuring you don’t have to deal with frustrating clogs or obstructions.

A blocked up chimney can send dangerous smoke and gases, like carbon monoxide, into your living space, so keeping the area clear and free of outside materials is a must. Guarantee your household the protection it deserves by making this smart investment now before fall and cooler temps come back around.

Lock-Top Damper vs. Throat Dampers

Throat dampers have been providing homeowners with adequate protection for years now, but there is simply no comparing them with the highly efficient seal that a lock-top damper provides. If you are having trouble with your throat damper, then we highly recommend making the switch. This is one move you will be happy you made!

Eager to get this new addition installed before your burning season starts this fall? Then, give us a call now. The team at CinderBox Chimney Services will get you set up right in no time!