There are a lot of reasons to purchase a new chimney cap for your home. They do a lot to protect your structure from damage and they arechimney chase with stainless steel chase cover known to stop sparks from landing on your roof, too. Yet, one of the biggest things they offer is the ability to keep pests and wildlife out of your chimney. Woodland critters and birds are known for building nests in your flue, as it provides a safe haven from predators and bad weather, but these materials can clog things up in a hurry, and having any flammable materials in your chimney increases your risk of experiencing a chimney fire significantly.

Even small creatures – like the chimney swift – can cause big problems. These endangered birds are especially known for seeking out chimneys for building homes, but because they are protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, removing their nests isn’t an option until they eventually migrate to warmer climates on their own.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent chimney swifts, along with countless other animals, from entering your chimney, and one of the simplest and more affordable solutions comes in the form of a chimney cap. Ask our experts about getting yours installed as soon as possible – the team at CinderBox Chimney Services is here to help!

What Is A Chimney Swift?

Chimney swifts are rather small birds with slim bodies, rounded heads, and long wings. They are typically darker in color, making them especially hard to see at night, and their bill is wide and short. Their stiff, constant wing movements and their tendency to fly from side to side make them hard to get a good view of, and they are known to bank randomly, too. Another thing they’re known for? Almost always remaining in flight – they even bath while flying!

When it comes to building nests, they use their glue-like saliva to piece together leaves and twigs, forming a half-cup structure along the interior wall of hollowed-out trees, caves, or – you guessed it – chimneys. Unfortunately, the loss of trees combined with a lack of chimneys in many households has caused the chimney swifts numbers to decline, which is why it is imperative to not harm them or remove any nesting materials if they have entered your flue.

The Law Regarding Chimney Swifts

So, let’s say, come this fall, you’re ready to get your inspection on the books, so that you can get your burning season going, but some swifts have taken up space in your chimney. What should be done? Unfortunately, the only option in this situation is to wait until the birds leave on their own accord. Forcefully removing the swifts, their eggs, or any of their nesting materials is against the law, and by doing so you will find yourself faced with some hefty fines.

So, put your inspection on the backburner for now, then give your sweep a call when the creatures finally migrate away from your home. Then, the sweep can easily remove any leaves, twigs, or other materials left behind and get your system in tip-top shape for the cold season ahead.

The Solution You’re Looking For

If you’ve had problems with swifts (or any other animals) invading your chimney in the past, then you’re likely looking for an effective way to keep them out for good in years to come. Well, that’s where our experts can help you out! Chimney caps are one of the best devices for keeping out animals, as well as any debris that they are bound to bring in with them, and they won’t break your budget, either.

Your cap will sit right at the top of your chimney, covering the open completely, so that birds, squirrels, raccoons, bees, and more can’t work their way in. Your cap is also perfect for stopping water from entering your flue opening (which leads to all kinds of decay and deterioration) and for stopping downdrafts, which can send smoke, smelly fumes, and even carbon monoxide into your living space.

At CinderBox Chimney Services, we have the high-quality, long-lasting products you are looking for, and our CSIA certified experts can get them installed for you correctly, so you don’t have to worry about damages or malfunctions down the line. If you’re looking to work with the best, the time to turn to our crew is now.

Leave Installation Services To The Pros

Thinking of tackling this job yourself? This isn’t a route we recommend. When it comes to your chimney, it is imperative that any installation or repair work is left in the hands of a professional who is trained, qualified, and experienced. Failing to trust an expert can lead to more damage down the line, and it could increase your risk of experiencing things like smoke and carbon monoxide exposure, chimney fires, house fires, and more.

Don’t take any chances! Our team is committed to excellence and education above all else, ensuring you can feel safer and more at ease when we’re handling your fireplace needs. Reach out today for the care and attention you deserve. We’re eager to serve you soon!