Have you been putting your fireplace to use a lot this winter? With colder weather upon us and holiday festivities in full gear, many flowers in a field during springhomeowners are lighting fires night after night, finding those warm flames and classic ambiance simply impossible to resist. Because of this, many wonder if they should schedule an inspection mid-season to ensure they can end the year as smoothly as possible.

Well, here at CinderBox Chimney Services, we actually recommend holding off! Spring is not too far away, and it is a lot more ideal to get your system analyzed, swept, and repaired after your burning season has officially ended.

Learn more about the benefits of waiting below, then give us a call today to book your inspection. By reaching out now, you guarantee the perfect day and time in regards to your schedule, and you can put it out of your mind for good. It’s a win all around, so call now!

Removing Creosote

It simply doesn’t make sense to remove creosote from your system mid-season. You have weeks worth of fireplace usage ahead, meaning you’ll pay for a service, only to have to do it again in a few months. You might as well wait until you are officially done putting your system to use for the winter, and have everything removed in one shot.

In fact, removing creosote at the end of your burning season is actually a very smart route to take. It guarantees that build-up isn’t simply going to sit in your flue and cause deterioration over the summer months, and it keeps your home smelling fresher, too. You see, when creosote sits in your chimney during warmer weather, it’s all too common for that unpleasant odor to leak into your home day after day. This is less than ideal, but it can be avoided by getting that inspection and sweeping done right as your burning season ends.

Staying On Top Of Damages

It’s not uncommon for some minor damage to occur throughout a burning season. Unfortunately, putting off repair work can turn an easy fix into an expensive repair job, so why not save your inspection until spring and tackle everything at once? We could do this work now, but it would likely put your fireplace out of use over the holidays, and there’s a good chance we’ll have to come do some work again this spring anyway, so we suggest holding off and getting everything completed at the same time.

Spring is also ideal because you won’t be lighting fires in warmer weather. This guarantees that no one is disappointed or missing out on crackling flames on a snowy evening.

We Can Upgrade Your Chimney Parts

In need of a new cap, damper, crown, or something else? These parts all play an integral role in keeping your system safer, but as long as their functioning fine at the moment, why not wait until spring to get new ones? This gets you a little bit more use out of your current models, and it ensures you start off the fall of 2020 right with shiny, new features.

Also, keep in mind that a new cap or damper can play a big role in keeping out birds and other woodland critters that like to build nests and have babies in your chimney throughout spring and summer. Your best bet is to let us clear everything out when you’re done with fires for the year, then install the new parts right there and then, guaranteeing weeks of protection in the warmest parts of the year.

Easier Scheduling

When it comes right down to it, trying to book fireplace or chimney maintenance now will likely be a bit of a challenge. Fall and winter are busy times for sweeps, especially here where temperatures drop low, and in the spring and summer months our books will open up significantly. If you want to ensure you get a time slot that is convenient with your schedule, then putting off maintenance for a couple of months may be your best bet.

We want to offer you better protection and the highest level of service possible, and that means working with your calendar as much as we possibly can. You can help us achieve this by calling now to book your springtime inspection. You should be able to easily get the day and time you are hoping for, guaranteeing a low-stress and hassle-free service all around.

Reach out now, and we can set something up!

Our Team Offers The Best

Why make CinderBox your go-to chimney company? Because we truly care. We always put your needs first, and our many 5-star reviews say it all in regards to customer satisfaction. To top it off, we always stay educated and up-to-date on it all, and our association with an organization like the CSIA, the NFI, the NCSG, and more ensure we never miss a thing.

We’re the best of the best, so give us the chance to prove ourselves by getting that spring inspection booked today!