The need for regular inspections is an obvious must in the chimney sweep world, but knowing which level of inspection you need isn’t always clear. At Cinderbox Chimney Services, we offer both level 1 and level 2 inspections, so you’re sure to get everything you need from us, no matter what.

Most of the time, if you maintain your chimney regularly and don’t make any major changes, a level 1 inspection is all you’ll need. In this case, the sweep will come to check out all easily accessible parts of your chimney, as well as the overall soundness. Then, we’ll let you know if any further maintenance, such as repair work, replacement parts, or a chimney sweeping is necessary.Buying or selling a home? Make sure to have a level 2 chimney inspection beforehand.

A level 2 inspection is more in-depth, and one is required when buying or selling a property. It guarantees you’re getting everything you expect from your new purchase, and it ensures the price point is where it needs to be as well. Need to schedule yours? Get on the phone with our CSIA and NFI certified team today!

What To Expect

So, what can you expect when you schedule a level 2 inspection? Well, it includes everything we do in a level 1 inspection, plus a video inspection, which will give us a closer look at your chimney’s overall health. By using this modern equipment, we guarantee we won’t miss a thing when searching your flue for problems, and we’ll be able to let you know if any major repair work is necessary before putting the system to use.

We take your safety seriously, so you don’t need to worry about us cutting corners or providing you with incorrect analyses. You’ll be left with an accurate evaluation, as well as our recommendation as far as moving forward with any further maintenance. Come wintertime, we’ll have you all set and ready to go, so you can enjoy evening after evening in front of a warm fire.

Don’t Wait To Make The Call!

Chimney care isn’t something to put off, so if you’re going to be moving into your new home soon, don’t wait to give us a call. Fall and winter are our busiest seasons, so finding a timeslot that’s ideal for your schedule isn’t always a simple task. The sooner you get on the phone with our team, the better your chances are of scheduling your ideal appointment time!

Along with this, some repair jobs may take some time. We don’t want you to miss out on crackling fires and cozy nights by the hearth this holiday season… call on our team right away, so that we can get started on any necessary maintenance as soon as possible. When you’re curled up inside on a cold, snowy evening, you’ll be glad you got us in early!

We love serving this area, and we can’t wait to help make your new house feel more like a home. Our team is eager to get started, so pick up your phone today!