Water damage is something every homeowner hopes to avoid, and for those with a masonry chimney, investing in preventative maintenance is a must. Both a chimney cap and a chase cover play an important role in keeping your chimney better protected throughout the rainy spring and summer months. When you have the professionals come install one right now, this can save you some big headaches down the line.

Both of the chimney cap and chase covers are installed at the top of your chimney, so it can be really hard to differentiate between the two. Learn more about each of them below, then call the experts at CinderBox Chimney Services if you still have more questions. We would be happy to help!

About Your Chase Cover

chimney chase with stainless steel chase coverIf you own a prefabricated unit, then a chase cover is necessary to keep your system safe. It covers your entire chimney chase, ensuring no water enters your chimney to cause damage. It is also great for keeping out excess debris, which could blow into your chimney on windy days to clog up your flue.

Unfortunately, the chase covers that typically come with a prefab fireplace are not made from strong materials, which is why many people turn to us for a more dependable stainless steel or copper option. Eager to learn more? Reach out to us today!

About Your Chimney Cap

A chimney cap covers your flue opening, like the chase cover, it protects your chimney from water entry. Without a properly installed chimney cap, your liner would likely face a lot of damage, forcing you to invest in expensive repairs.

On top of preventing water damage, chimney caps serve many other purposes. They stop downdrafts from entering your chimney, and they keep out birds and other curious critters. They also stop sparks from landing on your roof, and they keep out dirt and debris that could build up and obstruct airflow in the flue. All in all, they are an affordable and worthwhile investment that every chimney and fireplace owner needs.

Need Help? We’ve Got You Covered

The rains of spring and summer can cause lots of damage to your chimney, so don’t become a victim to decay, deterioration, and more. We love helping homeowners throughout Indianapolis ensuring their chimney and fireplace is safe every season. Our CSIA trained and certified sweeps ready to help, give us a call at 317-442-8440 today to get started!