Have you had pests and wildlife invade your chimney in the past? This can be a frustrating issue, and it is all too common for countless fireplace owners. Birds, in particular, are especially drawn to your flue and chimney swifts are the most prone to set up camp and lay eggs in your masonry structure.

Why your chimney? Chimney swifts favor vertical structures for building nests because they cannot perch. They, instead, must cling to surfaces, such as the inside of trees, cave walls, the sides of buildings, or the interior of your chimney.

With tree populations in decline, more and more turn to chimneys than ever before.

Can I Have Swifts Removed From My Chimney?chimney swift in human hand

If you currently have chimney swifts in your chimney, there isn’t anything that can be done, unfortunately. As we said, the tree population has decreased, which means these birds’ numbers have dropped, as well. They are now protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act meaning anyone who purposely harms or kills them or their young are breaking the law and could be fined or penalized.

At this point, your only option is to wait until they leave for the season, then have their nesting materials removed. As far as preventing their return, we urge all fireplace owners without a chimney cap to invest in one as soon as possible. Come next spring, no critter will be able to get past it and use your chimney as a nesting area!

The Birds Are Gone! Can The Team At CinderBox Help?

Once the chimney swifts in your chimney are officially out, you can bet that our team will help you. A chimney cap is the most effective solution to your problem, but we’ll also need to clear out any debris the birds left behind. This is why we suggest scheduling an inspection and sweeping, as well.

Why trust us? Well, our award-winning crew is certified with the CSIA, members of the NCSG, and has an A+ rating with the BBB. We pride ourselves on selling and installing the best products around and, when it comes to your chimney, we know the ins and outs of it better than anyone else.

If you want to put your fireplace to use a lot this fall and winter, there’s no time to lose. Schedule your appointment with our crew today!