At CinderBox Chimney Services, we love providing our customers with only the best of the best. That’s why we offer stainless steel chimney caps and chase covers! There’s no doubt that these products will offer that lifetime protection you’re looking for, and stainless steel won’t break down or crack like some other materials tend to do.

If you need a chimney cap or a chase cover installed, then we are the crew to hire! We’ll get the job done right, and we will be happy to take care of any and all of your fireplace or chimney needs down the line!

But what exactly do these chimney parts do? If you’re not well-versed in chimney anatomy, then let us bring you up to speed… these are two pieces that share some similar duties, but both are unique as far as what they bring to the table – and both are very necessary for ensuring proper and efficient fireplace functioning. Learn more below!

All About Chase Covers

A chase cover will seal off your chimney chase, so that no water or other outside elements can enter the structure. Chase covers are necessary for all prefabricated fireplaces (wood, vinyl, or metal), and they will give you that piece of mind you deserve, knowing your system is safe from bad weather and excess debris.

Unfortunately, chase covers are known to wear down from time to time, leaving you with water damage, stains, and other issues that threaten the health and efficiency of your fireplace. Trust in us to repair or replace you chase cover, so that you can use your chimney with ease! Or, if you haven’t experienced any damage, but fear things are going to start breaking down soon, call us in for an inspection. We’ll set you up right, so that you’re protected, no matter what!

All About Chimney Caps

Like chase covers, chimney caps also play an important role in keeping harmful moisture away from your interior system. They completely cover your flue and keep any rainwater or snow outside where it belongs. As you may know, moisture can deteriorate masonry, cause rust and rot, and encourage the formation of clogs. And don’t forget about the harmful effects of the freeze-thaw process. Chimney caps will keep your flue protected!

But that’s not all chimney caps will do for your fireplace system. They also are highly effective at keeping out birds and other critters, which means you won’t have to worry about nesting materials clogging things up anytime soon. They’re also known for warding off downdrafts, and they stop stray sparks from landing on your roof.

You Deserve The Best

Like we said, when homeowners work with us, they get the best of the best! Our professional and certified staff is here to help you out this winter, so that you can enjoy a crackling fire all throughout the cold months ahead. Give us a call today… there’s no time to lose!