In addition to adding an elegant touch to your rooftop, chimney caps perform a range of useful functions: from weatherproofing homes and preventing fires to keeping out destructive pests. Here are four reasons you might want to consider installing this underappreciated home improvement item.

1. Preventing Fire

Chimney caps are fitted with a fine wire mesh that blocks sparks that may float up while the fireplace is in use. This barrier prevents ignited materials from landing on your roof, potentially causing a devastating house fire.

2. Deterring Critters

During the fireplace offseason, many animals are drawn to the warmth and privacy offered by rooftop chimneys. Squirrels, chipmunks, birds and even raccoons often build nests that can partially or completely obstruct the proper ventilation of smoke.

3. Defending Against Moisture

Rain and snow that makes it into the chimney shaft slowly seeps down into your home, permeating brick and woodwork and sometimes causing damage to your roof or attic space.

4. Keeping Downdrafts Out

Finally, chimney caps are extremely effective at preventing downdrafts. These unwanted gusts aren’t just chilly, they often bring with them plenty of unhealthy smoke.
Professional installation of your chimney cap will ensure that it performs as the manufacturer intends. Call The Cinder Box at 317-442-8440 to the following website to learn more about services in your area.