A gas fireplace has countless benefits for a busy homeowner. They’re easy to use, produce good heat, and they burn cleaner, too. One of their biggest draws, though, is their ability to allow their owner’s that classic fireplace experience, without all of the work and maintenance involved. No hauling wood, no messy ash to clean up, and no spending time adding fuel to a fire. Just flip the switch on and relax!

Yet, these things don’t mean you can skimp on yearly inspections and regular sweepings. It’s always important to get a professional eye on your fireplace and chimney, no matter what type of fuel you use, and putting off this maintenance could put your home and family at risk.

If you’re due for a check-up, give our CSIA certified crew a call today and book an appointment! We’re ready to help you out!

Avoiding Build Up

A big reason why regular cleanings are necessary is to avoid excess build up in your flue. Just because your gas fireplace burns cleaner, doesn’t mean harmful substances won’t form and cause blockages. It’s important to address any build up as soon as possible to ensure no toxins back up in your home. Smoke and carbon monoxide are both extremely harmful to one’s health and can be fatal if not taken care of right away.

Why risk it? Give us a call, and we’ll clean out anything that shouldn’t be there, so you can use your fireplace with ease and peace of mind all year long!

Addressing Repairs

As we said, clogs and blockages can lead to dangerous gases leaking into your home, which is why regular check-ups are absolutely necessary for keeping your family safer. Along with this, repairs may be needed. If holes or cracks are present, your system will easily be able to leak these fumes into your home, and your appliance will not run as efficiently, either. The last thing we want is for you to settle down for a relaxing evening, only to discover your fireplace isn’t running well (or at all). Get the heat and comfort you’re looking for – schedule an inspection today!

Our team will check for repairs and patch things up for you in no time! We’ve got the tools, the experience, and the expertise necessary for getting the job right. We know you won’t regret counting on us!

Safety & Efficiency You Deserve

At CinderBox Chimney Services, we believe our customers deserve the best of the best. We’re in this business to help homeowners all throughout Indianapolis and its surrounding areas live more at ease knowing their fireplaces are in the best shape possible. Ensure your appliance is running safer and more efficiently by calling us in for inspections at least once per year. Call today to set up your appointment!