When it comes to hiring a chimney sweep, it’s important to rely on a team that takes furthering their knowledge and obtaining certifications seriously. The chimney industry is ever-evolving, and staying up-to-date on important regulations and advancing technology is vital to keeping homes and families as safe as possible! Well, here at CinderBox Chimney Services, we put value in providing the highest quality services possible. That’s why we’re associated with a number of highly reputable places.

Learn more about the institutions we trust by reading below. When it comes to bettering ourselves, we never quit!

The CSIACSIA certified

The Chimney Safety Institute of America is highly regarded in this industry, and we’re not exaggerating when we tell you that they set the standard for chimney care all across the country. They’re a nonprofit, and they have been educating sweeps, as well as the public, on proper fireplace practices and fire safety since their start back in 1983.

If you’ve got a CSIA certified sweep on the job, then you can rest easy knowing things will get done right. All of our technicians earn their CSIA certification, then continue to maintain it, as required. Count on our team, and you won’t regret it!


The National Chimney Sweep Guild is another nonprofit that makes safety and high standards a priority for people all across America. By encouraging professionalism among their sweeps and ensuring everyone knows about any advances in the tools and technology regarding chimney care, they help to ensure the public gets the best services possible, no matter what.


The National Fireplace Institute is an organization that knows how important correct installation is when it comes to your stove or fireplace. That’s why they pride themselves on educating sweeps on proper practices and techniques, so that families everywhere can enjoy safer and more comfortable hearths with every season. An NFI-certified chimney sweep is sure to know their stuff! Let our qualified team help you out with any and all of your installation needs.

…And More!

Our company is also members of the Home Artisans of Indiana, which is an organization that dedicates itself to finding the best products and services available for homeowners throughout the area. If a company has proven itself to be reliable, dependable, and service-oriented, they can join! We’re proud to be members, allowing us the ability to bring the families we serve everything they deserve year after year.

When it comes right down to it, we’re a team that pushes for excellence in everything we do. If there’s an opportunity to expand our knowledge and advance our practices, we’ll take it! Contact us today for all of your chimney care, so that you know your fireplace was addressed by an expert this holiday season. We can’t wait to help you out soon!