Do you want 100% peace of mind using your fireplace without any worries this fall? Then, you should consider a new chimney liner. Chimney liners play a big role in the overall function of your chimney and fireplace. A certified and experienced sweep can check things over during a chimney inspection. Schedule an inspection with the crew at CinderBox Chimney Services today. We would be happy to look things over and provide additional services you need to get your system back in shape.

Why Is A Liner Important?

stainless steel chimney linerWhy is the chimney liner so important? For one thing, it plays a big role in protecting your home and woodwork. Without a liner in place, it would not take long for the extreme temperatures of your fireplace to reach other areas of your home to start a dangerous fire. A liner also works to safeguard your masonry. Your fireplace produces acidic gases that eat away at your brickwork and mortar, without a liner in place. As gaps, holes, and other openings form throughout your structure, this causes poisonous gases, smoke, and flames to escape into your home.

Finally, the efficiency of your chimney improves dramatically when a properly fitted liner is in place. If you want to guarantee gases and smoke escape out of your living space properly, then you should invest in professional care.

Springtime Is Great For Repairs

Many people tend to put off fireplace care until temperatures start to drop again. Unfortunately, this put you in a bit of a jam when it comes to kicking off your burning season. Relining can take quite a bit of time to tackle. If you want a convenient time slot scheduled during the busy days of fall, this can be a challenge as most sweeps are often experiencing the fall rush. Save yourself the hassle by getting an appointment now!

How Can The CinderBox Team Help?

If your liner is looking worse or worn, you may be wondering what our team can do. Whether you need it relined, resurfaced, or repaired, we have the tools and knowledge to get it done. We have HeatShield products to repair gaps, cracks, and holes. We also carry and install stainless steel liners for systems that need complete restoration.

Whatever shape your chimney liner is in, we will be able to address it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. We are CSIA and NFI certified, and we are members of the NCSG too. We love serving the Indianapolis area, and we cannot wait to serve you soon!