Many homeowners falsely assume that a home inspector checks the chimney when checking their property out. However, this is definitely not the case! When buying or selling your home, you must invest in a chimney inspection. It’s also very important to hire a CSIA certified professional to perform a level 2 inspection for your fireplace before you make any further decisions of buying or selling.

We Do NFPA 211 Level 1 & 2 Inspections

Fortunately for homeowners in the Indy area, the team at Cinderbox can help you with your chimney inspections. We can perform level 1 & level 2 inspections, so our team of professionals have the expertise and experiences to ensure your chimney is in top shape.

What exactly does a level two chimney inspection involve? First, we’ll use our video equipment to scan every nook and cranny of your fireplace, so we don’t miss any part of it. This process ensures that your chimney is safe to use, and that it is also prepared for the transfer of property.

A level one inspection is similar to a level two, only not as quite in-depth. If your system has been in good health year after year and you’ve made no big changes to the appliance, then there’s no need to look too far. We’ll do a routine check to ensure that everything is looking good and safe. As long as you invest in annual inspections, a level one is all you need unless you decide to sell your property.

A Functional Fireplace Increases Home Value

Majority of home buyers desire a fireplace when looking to buy a new home. Regular maintenance of your chimney and fireplace system in addition to level 2 inspection could make a big difference when deciding to sell your house. This ensure your chimney is safe and ready for any potential buyers.

In our chimney inspections, if we find any necessary repairs or build-up, we can address them immediately and return your fireplace back to its top safety and efficiency. Any chimney issues will only get worse over time, and you’ll end up paying more later on.

We also offer preventative chimney and fireplace maintenance such as installing chimney caps, repairing damaged crowns, and more. All of these will help to protect your chimney against animal invasion, debris accumulation, and water damage. When our team is on the job, we’ll take care of your chimney is in top condition for the safety of your entire family.

Now It’s A Great Time To Call!

If you’re looking for a trust chimney expert to perform a chimney inspection, give us a call right now! Now it’s the perfect time to schedule an appointment for inspections or repairs because it give our experts plenty of time to get it all done. Say goodbye to long waits, and hello to a new home! We can’t wait to help you start your new adventure!