Gas fireplaces are becoming more and more popular, and we can see why! They provide great heat output and a classic aesthetic, without all the work of hauling wood, building fires, and clearing out ash. Gas fireplaces are the perfect solution for enjoying cozy nights in by a fire with minimal preparation.

One thing that gas fireplaces come with are gas logs, which help create that realistic vibe of a traditional fireplace. Gas logs come in two types – vented or vent-free – and the team at Cinderbox Chimney has both options! If you’re trying to decide between the two, let us help you out. Learn more about vent-free logs today!

What Are Vent-Free Logs?

Vent-free logs are designed to provide you with heat without opening the damper. This means all the heat provided goes directly to your home, and you won’t be losing anything out of your chimney. This also means they burn cleaner. Just keep in mind that vent-free logs often need to meet certain clearances and won’t be able to be installed in certain areas of the home.

Things You Gain

So, what are the benefits of vent-free options? Well, as stated earlier, they give you a lot more heat output than a vented log set. No heat will be escaping out of the home, so you’re living space will be warmer and toastier than ever. Your heating bills may also go down, too!

Along with this, vent-free logs use up less gas, burn cleaner, and they produce less pollution. All in all, they provide a good solution for those without a chimney, and they are easy to use and operate. Used appropriately, they make a great contribution to any home, and they come in a wide range style and designs options, so you’re sure to find the right fit for your aesthetic.

Things To Consider

However, some homeowners are still wary of installing vent-free logs in their home. It can be unnerving to think of running a fire with nowhere for potential fumes to escape, and we note that this does encourage a bit of risk when it comes to carbon monoxide exposure. That being said, models typically come with sensors that indicate if levels get too high and will shut down as necessary. We encourage all homeowners to invest in carbon monoxide detectors for their home.

Vent-free options are also limited as to where they can be installed. Many places have restrictions as far as putting them in smaller rooms or bedrooms, so this is something to consider when making your final decision, as well. Just be sure, no matter what you choose, that you trust in our professional team for any installation work. Doing it yourself could lead to some disastrous and potentially dangerous situations!

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