October is officially here, which means Fire Prevention Week will soon be upon us! This year it runs from October 6 – 12, and there are countless ways to spread the word, educate others, and encourage fire safety all throughout your community. Learn more below, then reach out to our qualified crew, so we can get your fireplace working as safely and efficiently as possible this holiday season.

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Every year, Fire Prevention Week promotes a different theme, and this year organizers are looking to encourage families to map out a plan for escaping their home in the event of a fire. In most situations, anyone within the home during a fire will only have a minute or two to get out safely, so knowing exactly what to do and where to go could save valuable seconds.

Making Your Plan

When creating a plan, map out every room of the house and have family members determine the quickest and most effective way out. Then, think of an alternate route if that pathway is blocked by flames or smoke. Should a person find themselves trapped in the room, discuss what steps should be taken. For example, shoving clothing or towels into the cracks of the door frame will help stop smoke from entering and could buy you some time before firefighters can get to you.

You’ll also want to designate individuals to grab or assist smaller children, babies, and any older adults, and you should pick a meeting spot outside of the home, as well. This will give you every opportunity to ensure everyone is accounted for and, if someone is missing, you can alert authority figures immediately.

It is also important to locate all smoke alarms, make sure you have some on every level of the home and near all sleeping areas, and to regularly check the batteries of each device. Finally, make certain everyone in the family knows how to dial 911, so that you can get help as soon as possible.

Spread The Word

Eager to spread the word about fire prevention week? Great! The NFPA has provided a lot of great resources to keep families and children well-informed and up-to-date on all of the best things to practice. Print off some activity sheets today, plan an event or two, and make some noise through social media and flyers. The more people you can educate, the more lives you could potentially save!

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