Here at CinderBox Chimney Services, we pride ourselves on doing our best to keep our customer safer, happier, and better protected. Because of this, we urge all homeowners in the Indianapolis area to schedule their annual chimney sweeping right away. This is one practice that anyone with a fireplace should invest in to keep their home safer.

Why is this practice so highly recommended? Learn more below, then get in touch with our crew today. We can get your appointment on the books in no time.

Avoiding Further Damageschimney sweep with cords looking in the top of a chimney

One reason yearly inspections are encouraged are so sweeps can spot damage well before it becomes harmful to your structure. The longer your chimney parts are left to deteriorate, the worse your system will function over time. Once cracks and holes start to form, your system will become unsafe for regular use, and you could eventually face a settlement or collapse.

Addressing water damage is another reason inspections are necessary. If your sweep spots water-related problems, like rotting, rusting, mold accumulation, and more, addressing it in a timely manner will save you a lot of stress and hassle down the line. Not to mention, the worse things get, the more expensive your repairs will become. You are always better off resolving the issue fast, then investing in the preventative care you need to steer clear of deterioration in the future.

Clearing Out Creosote

Creosote is a substance that forms in your chimney as you burn fires in your fireplace, and it can become quite dangerous when too much accumulates. Clearing it out on a regular basis is a must due to its flammable nature, and your yearly inspection will reveal whether or not you are due for a thorough sweeping.

One of the biggest creosote-related threats is a chimney fire. Should one occur, you will be looking at a lot of expensive repair work, and your entire structure will suffer tremendously. You will need to put off usage until everything is addressed which could take some time, and it will definitely take a toll on your bank account.

Avoid chimney fires by investing in an inspection right away.

Ensuring A Safer System, Overall

All in all, a regularly inspected chimney will function much safer and more efficiently than one that is neglected. By working with a team of experts today, you allow your family to gain the joy and comfort they deserve from your fireplace with every passing year.

With fall still a few months away now is a great time to invest in the care you need. We can look things over, address any problems, and get any creosote swept out. Prepare for fall now, and not when it arrives. Call today to set something up. We can’t wait to hear from you soon!