Fall weather is in the air, which means winter and the holidays are just around the corner. This also means homeowners will be putting their fireplace to a lot more use! As crackling flames warm your living spacechimney in rain and set a classic and cozy aesthetic, many feel that evenings with a fireplace is the only way to spend these cold months. That is, unless leaks and water damage are bringing you down.

Is your chimney ready? Temperatures will start dropping soon, so the time to call us in is now. CinderBox Chimney Services is here for you!

The Dangers Of Water Damage

If your masonry is exposed to excess moisture, you’ll notice a real toll on your system, as a whole. It may seem like water shouldn’t do a lot to your strong and sturdy brickwork, but the truth is, these materials are extremely absorbent. As your bricks and mortar absorb water, they become more prone to cracking and crumbling, thus threatening the structural integrity of your entire chimney.

Along with this, water in your brickwork invites the freeze/thaw process to occur. What’s the freeze/thaw process? Well, when the water in your bricks freezes, it causes the materials to expand. Later, when temperatures rise and the water thaws, the brickwork will settle. This shifting can occur multiple times a season, depending on the weather, and it puts a lot of extra stress on your system.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only thing to worry about when it comes to leaks and water damage. A leaky chimney is much more prone to clogs, rusting, decay, mold accumulation, rotting, cracks, holes, and more. Overall, a lot of damage can occur to multiple parts of your chimney, all which could cause enough pressure to trigger a settlement or collapse.

The threats that accompany leaks in the chimney are very real, but there are solutions out there for building your chimney back up, strengthening it, and instilling preventative measures that ensure you won’t have to face these problems again any time soon.

Protecting Your Chimney

So, what can be done to prevent issues again down the line? First, let our team of CSIA certified experts address any repairs, so your system is back in tip-top shape and as safe as possible for regular use. We can work to restore your masonry, fill any gaps in the brickwork, and replace parts, as necessary, such as the chimney cap, flashing, and other components that are known for keeping water out.

We can also take a look at your crown to ensure it’s able to do its job effectively. When designed correctly and formed from the right materials, it should easily send water out and away from the sides of your chimney. Unfortunately, not all crowns were built up to our standards, meaning they’re not getting the job done. We’ll get things back in shape in no time!

Finally, investing in our waterproofing services is a must. Waterproofing provides a vapor-permeable seal that protects your masonry while allowing it to breathe out pre-absorbed moisture and fumes from your chimney. It’s an easy investment that makes a huge impact!

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