The National Fire Protection Agency has certain guidelines that state what standards all chimneys need to abide by. Code 211 has mandates all chimneys need to be in compliance of, and the easiest way to tell if you are on the right side of these codes is to have a professional inspect your chimney and perform any essential maintenance.

The Guidelines in Place

A few things are set forth that homeowners need to follow. These includes:
  • Chimneys require comprehensive cleanings immediately once it is discovered that an abundance of combustible materials is present.
  • If it is discovered that a chimney is not safe, then it must be replaced with one that is safe.
  • Yearly inspections are needed to ensure there is no structural deterioration or excessive buildup of carbon monoxide.
  • Nothing can be obstructing the clearance area around the fireplace.

Different Types of Inspections

There are three different levels for NFPA 211 inspections. Level 1 is a basic inspection where no changes are ultimately made. Level 2 is typically done before a home ownership transaction takes place to ensure the chimney is safe. Level 3 is done to address dangerous complications with the chimney.
For the peace of mind that your chimney is holding up, get someone to inspect your structure soon. Call The Cinder Box at (317) 442-8440 for skilled NFPA 211 inspections.