Sometimes, a homeowner finds themselves face-to-face with a fireplace issue that is beyond just a simple repair job. Other times, everything may be functioning like normal, but the look and feel of the fireplace just doesn’t match the aesthetic of the rest of the home. No matter which situation you’re in, it can lead to some frustrating evenings!

Well, the team at CinderBox Chimney is here to help with any and all of your fireplace woes. We’ve been serving homeowners for over 15 years now, and we have received all kinds of awards, certifications, and 5-star reviews. You can trust us with anything! Learn more below, then give us a call so we can set something up right away. We’re the team to handle it all.

Difference Between A Facelift & A Changeout

What exactly are you looking to change about your fireplace? If everything is running just fine and you’re happy with your fuel type, then it’s likely just the appearance you want to modify. We get it! Some looks become outdated, making the entire experience of lighting and relaxing by a fire much less enjoyable. Not to mention, fireplaces are typically the focal point of a room, so you want to ensure it looks modern and matches your current decor.

In these cases, we’d recommend a facelift. We can replace your stone or brick with something different, add an entirely new mantel, remove smoke stains, or just repair cracks and restore the structure, making it look new again. No matter your vision, we can personalize just about anything to meet your specific tastes and preferences. Don’t live with a fireplace you’re not happy with… Explore our affordable and top-notch selections today!

Other times, homeowners are more frustrated with a lack of efficiency than anything else. Certain fuel types, like gas, are known for being much better at conserving energy and they tend to produce more heat for your home, too. While wood-burning options offer a more classic and traditional feel, they can’t live up to the convenience of operating a gas fireplace. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences.

We can switch things up, giving you a better system and guaranteeing more bang for your buck. Or, if your heart is set on maintaining the wood-burning aesthetic, consider a newer model that provides you with better results and a higher satisfaction level. Talk with our CSIA certified team about your options today. We’re here to ensure a happier and safer home for you and your family!

So, What’s On Your Agenda?

Get in touch with our sweeps today, so we can set your agenda into motion. And don’t limit yourself to a change out or facelift, either! We also do relining, restorations, tuckpointing, and various types of repair work, all of which ensure a better-looking and better-running system for your home.

Once your dream fireplace is set in place, turn to us for your yearly inspections! Like, we said, we can handle it all. Call today at (317) 442-8440.