Have you notice that your dryer is less efficient lately? Does it take hours for just one single load of clothes to be fully dried? Well, stop settling for less and invest in services from our crew today. A professional dryer vent cleaning could make all the difference when it comes to running a safer and more efficient appliance. The team at CinderBox Chimney Services is here to help you every step of the way!

Getting What You Deserve From Your Dryer

person cleaning the lint trapCommon signs of a dirty dryer vent include longer than normal dryer times, lint in and around the dryer, excessive heat from the appliance, and clothes still wet after running your drying cycle. You may also notice some strange odors coming from your laundry room. These issues are frustrating to deal with. No one wants to wait forever for their clothes to dry. No one likes to constantly pick up lint and unpleasant smells either. Many homeowners find themselves investing in a new dryer, only to be faced with the same issues soon again. That’s because the problem is the vents, not the appliance.

Invest in a professional dryer vent cleaning can solve many of the issues stated above. You will be amazed at the difference of a professional cleaning, and our team of CSIA Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians are more than qualified to help you.

Avoiding Dangerous Situations

Dryer vent care is necessary, as clogged vents lead to risky scenarios for you and your loved ones. In fact, thousands of dryer fires occur every single year because of a dryer’s inability to properly ventilate. As you can imagine, this leads to lots of structural damage, some injuries and even deaths.

Another problem comes in the form of carbon monoxide, which can enter the home when pathways are blocked. Carbon monoxide is very hard to detect, due to its colorless and odorless nature. If anyone inhale it, this can be deadly when not treated right away. If someone ignores symptoms of exposure or is sleeping and does not notice, the results could be fatal.

Count On Our Team Right Away

Experts recommend investing in dryer vent services annually. If it has been over a year since your last cleaning, get in touch with our professional crew right away. This is an easy and affordable investment that could save you a lot of time and expense. At CinderBox Chimney Services, we are qualified, experienced, and eager to help our homeowners throughout our service area. Don’t wait until it is too late. Give us a call right away to set up your appointment!