A lot of us gets really excited about Spring because of all the warm weather it brings, but Spring can also brings a lot of rain. It can be really great for our plants and lawn, but it wreak havoc on the masonry of your chimney if it is not properly protected. Learn more about the dangers involved with water damage and how it relates to your chimneys, then call our professionals to come fix your leaky chimney.

Dangers Of Water Damage & Your Chimney

We Fix Leaky Chimneys - Indianapolis IN - CinderBox Chimney ServicesWater can cause tremendous damages to your chimney in many different ways. One of the biggest issues for chimneys is the freeze/thaw process. This occurs when water gets absorbed into your brickwork, then freezes and expands. As the water turns to ice and grows, it puts pressure in your masonry and forces it to stretch. When it thaws on warmer days, then the masonry settles. When this process repeats multiple times a year, you’re looking at a lot of wear and tear on your system.

Water in your chimney can also cause deterioration, rust, cracks, holes, and other damages. Over time as your structure weakens, it could become very vulnerable to chimney collapses, chimney fires, and gas leaks. All of these things are extremely dangerous, and they could easily cost you thousands in repair costs. Investing in preventative maintenance is always a great idea when it comes to your chimney system and the safety of your entire home.

Finally, excess moisture triggers all kinds of issues that lead to inefficiencies of your fireplace such as rot, clogs, and other types of decay. If your air flow is limited or if your chimney parts are unable to effectively do a good job, then there is no point for having a fireplace. You’ll also notice smoke back-up, less heat output, and more. All of these issues can put your loved ones at risk and keep you from having the most efficient fireplace.

Work With Us To Get More From Your Chimney

If you have a leaky chimney, our team of CSIA certified experts can figure out the issues immediately and provide you with the resolutions to get your fireplace back to its optimal condition. We’ll begin by taking a look at your crown to see if there are any damages or faulty construction preventing it from doing its job properly. So If you sense any issues with your chimney, we can repair and rebuild as necessary to get it back in shape!

We also provide waterproofing services, ensuring your brickwork and mortar is protected for years to come. We use products that seal the masonry, ensuring no water gets in while allowing the brickwork to vent out necessary moisture and vapors. Sometimes, the problems could be cause by your chimney cap. If this is the case, our experts can install a new chimney cap so water won’t be able to enter your flue again. Chimney caps works to keep out water, critters, birds, excess debris, and more. They’re a great and affordable investment that will keep your home protected for years!

Call us today, we can’t wait to help you find the best solution for your leaky chimney. CinderBox Chimney Services is ready to serve you!