Worried about your chimney and fireplace experiencing damage or clogs? Investing in preventative maintenance is key when it comes to avoiding expensive repair work or problems with drafting. If you are looking to resolve your chimney woes, talk with us about installing a chimney cap or damper today. The crew here at CinderBox Chimney Services is qualified to help you out with it all.

All About Chimney Capschimney high up on roof with cap

Chimney caps are important when it comes to keeping water and excess debris out of your flue. If too much moisture is allowed into your system, your liner will break down in a hurry and you will notice decay and deterioration all throughout your structure, as well. Along with this, both water and outside debris can cause clogs and obstructions to form, which will trigger problems with airflow and drafting.

Chimney caps are also known for stopping stray sparks from landing on your roof, blocking downdrafts, and keeping curious woodland critters out. All in all, they serve a major purpose in keeping your system safer and in better condition. Best of all, they are an affordable investment, so you won’t be breaking the bank to get one installed.

All About Dampers

If you have owned a fireplace for quite some time, then you likely know the purpose of your damper. A damper is meant to keep your home’s indoor temperatures consistent by blocking the pathway through your flue while your fireplace is not in use. In the summertime, your air conditioning will stay indoors, keeping your house nice and cool, and in the winter, you won’t have to worry about cold winds blowing into your cozy living room.

That being said, many times a throat damper just does not cut it. They do a fine job when they are in good condition, but they can be prone to rust and break down from time to time, which puts the homeowner in a big predicament. They do not always provide the best seal, either.

That is why many are making the switch to lock-top dampers. These styles seal tightly, with a rubber gasket, and they are installed at the top of the chimney, so downdrafts and strong winds do not stand a chance. They also work well alongside your chimney cap to keep out water and animals.

We Can Install Yours Today

Now, even a brand new chimney cap will not do the job right if it isn’t installed correctly. Here at CinderBox Chimney Services, we get the job done right with high-quality brands that stand the test of time. Let us install your Gelco chimney cap and lock-top damper right away! Our CSIA certified sweeps are ready to help you out soon.